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Yam Pro Energy is in the construction and collaboration stage of development. Currently, Yam Pro is in the process of seeking collaboration with energy companies and electric utilities as well as project developer for permits to land rights for wave breakers  and ports to build on.

Yam Pro Energy flexible in their approach to the project such as: BOO (build, own, and operate), BOT (build, operate, and transfer), BOOT (build, own, operate, and transfer), BLT (build, lease, transfer), and BLOT (build, lease, operate, transfer).

The business end does not just go through signing over the plant, Yam Pro Energy also trains the local staff on how to operate and run the plant before transferring it over.


Yam Pro Energy is well connected and has a deep understanding of the green energy field and market place. Yam Pro Energy has highly experienced staff in the ocean wave technology field, and are capable of working in a multitude of geographical locations.



Yam Pro Energy takes the manufacturing process of the floaters and power plant very seriously. Through out the permitting process and the acquisition of the land, Yam Pro Energy not only surveys the land, but they also evaluate the land on how to best construct and place their floaters and power plant specially to that geographical location. Each floater and plant is designed and placed to maximize efficiency and decrease any foreseeable damage. The manufacturing then takes place near Yam Pro Energy's headquarters here in Israel, so they can monitor each step of the process to ensure perfection of the product. Here they use some of Israel's the most durable and stable pieces for their plants and floaters.  


Yam Pro Energy's onshore technology offers a fast and easy installation. The installation time period can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months. More over because the parts of the plant are manufactured in Israel, the installation process is very easy and can be finished with little difficulty. 


Yam Pro Energy believes in protective preemptive maintenance. This means that they actively replace parts before they fail, always ensures that the floaters and the plant operate smoothly with out any unknown and unplanned stops in electrical output. This maintenance strategy increases predicability and helps maintain a constant flow of electricity to the grid. 

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