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Yam Pro Energy builds and markets power plants generating electricity from sea waves around the world. Yam Pro Energy technology is highly competitive due the low cost of electricity production, as well as the system's durability and relatively simple implementation process.

With its unique system, perfected over 20 years, Yam Pro Energy offers the best possible solution for introducing sea wave power generation to any energy market around the world.

Yam Pro Energy offers  full consultancy services, including wide-ranging feasibility studies. Although Yam Pro Energy’s power generation units are standardized to a large extent, some planning and location specific project management will be required to maximize the use of the available resource.


Yam Pro Energy's services include:

  • Assessment of available energy resource.

  • Site surveying.

  • Project planning – incorporating changes to the standard model according to the specific conditions of the plant site.

  • Building and implementation of the system if needed.

  • Training local staff.


Cooperation models include the following:

  • Sale of power stations.

  • Sale of electricity.

  • Sale of power stations and electricity.

GLOBAL Business opportunity

Please feel free to contact us and Join us in changing the world by turning to sea waves as a sustainable, and with WERPO's system, cheap and effective, energy source.

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YAM PRO currently has several projects in the pipeline and many orders from governments and private entities around the world.