What it is


Yam Pro Energy has unique cutting edge onshore ocean wave technology that captures wave energy and converts it into electrical energy.

Onshore advantages:

Onshore ocean wave technology is an efficient and effective approach to capturing wave energy. Offshore ocean wave energy companies have to construct their technology in the ocean using divers. This process can make construction costs expensive and make maintenance a hassle that only experts can handle.  Yam Pro Energy's technology is 90% on land and 10% in the water, making it very easy to construct and maintain. 

Another problem with offshore technology is transmitting energy. Offshore technology has to run transmission lines underwater to send their energy to the plant before it converts the energy to electricity. Yam Pro Energy's onshore plant converts the energy to electricity on the spot. This takes away the need for long transmission lines, which can result in higher costs and a loss of energy. 

Ocean wave energy advantages:

Ocean wave technology has many advantages over traditional non-renewable energy sources and renewable green energy sources. Compared to non-renewable sources, ocean wave energy produces no pollutants, moreover, it is not a finite resource like oil or natural gas.

The ocean never stops making energy through the motion of its waves. Due to this benefit of constant motion, ocean wave energy is a more viable source than photovoltaic systems (solar energy).  Photovoltaic systems stop producing energy at night, when electrical demand is at its peak.  Alternatively, the ocean always keeps creating waves. The electricity solar provides may be cut out at any moment because of clouds or unforeseen weather patterns. Wave forecasts as compared to solar forecasts are more predictable, because they are made days in advance.  Ocean kinetic energy is 1,000 times greater than that of winds kinetic energy, as a result ocean wave technology is more efficient than wind turbines.

Not only is ocean wave technology a very reliable, efficient, and predictable source of energy, but it is also a cheap source of electricity. Currently ocean wave energy price per kilowatt hour is $0.03, which is cheaper than geothermal, coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, and hydropower.

Ocean weave technology is a new cutting edge technology that can help provide greener and cleaner electricity to the world at a lower cost.

How it works

Yam Pro Energy captures energy from the ocean's waves via floaters that are designed to the geographical region. Incoming waves lift and drop the floaters. This continual motion generates energy.

The floaters are anchored to wave breakers and jetties by a hydraulic arm. The hydraulic arm has hydraulic fluid in it. The arm is connected to an onshore power plant. The up down motion of the floaters generates a fluid pressure in the hydraulic arm. The fluid pressure spins a generator in the power plant that generates electricity and that electricity is sent from the plant to the grid.   

The power plant is equip with a computer which can monitor the weather patterns and energy output. This computer automatically monitors the station making sure it runs smoothly. The computer can detect incoming storms and raise the floaters up out of the water to protect them from storm damage. The computer lowers the floaters back down once the waves are back at a safe height. 

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