Our Technology


Yam Pro Energy’s technology is based on the utilization of sea waves to yield hydraulic pressure that produces electricity, while exploiting the full potential of wave speed, height, depth, rise and fall, and currents beneath the surface of the water.

This unique technology is the best choice in renewable energy systems due to its high energy efficiency, low cost for power generation, it being made-up of few moving parts and that only 10% of the system is submerged in the water – this reduces the overall risk to the system and substantially lowers maintenance costs.

In addition, the system is made up of modular components which require little space on land and can be implemented in any terrain easily. This allows for quick implementation since the system can begin producing energy before the final construction stages. In addition the system can be connected to an existing power grid with only minor adjustments.

Usually the system is stationed on wave breakers that is no swimming, no fishing and no boating zones so that it does not interfere with the population’s enjoyment of a marine source. However, this system is suitable for installation on various terrains, including in the ocean depths, with only minor alterations.

Yam Pro Energy’s system is suited to a wide range of wave and climate conditions – the system begins to produce electricity from a wave height of ~80 cm. In extreme weather conditions the system has several features that insure the overall protection of the system- yet, in general, harsh weather conditions only benefit the energy production of the system. It is also equipped with automatic sensors that will cause the system to lock in a vertical position, free from the dangers of the ocean, in hazardous weather conditions.


  • Power production from coal and nuclear power stations is being minimized while the world demand for energy is high and continuing to grow.

  • Fuel prices are soaring, and will continue to do so.

  • The effects of global warming and pollution, which are a result of an incineration of fossil fuels, are continuing to spread and negatively affect people’s lives around the globe.

All this brought on a worldwide search for alternative energy sources that can supply clean energy, while still being cost-effective.

Wind and solar energy have recently been proven as not efficient or not cost-effective energy solutions – they operate only 22%- 24% of the year and the cost per KW is often too high to be profitable.

On the other hand, sea waves are a viable source of energy about 65% of the year, especially with Yam Pro Energy‘s system.

Scientists from around the world claim that using 1% of wave’s energy can provide 500 times the world energy consumption.

THE YAM PRO SOLUTION Advntages of the Technolgy

  • Environmentally friendly – the system produces clean energy without detrimental effects to the environment.

  • Low production cost – the system produces generous amounts of electricity at the lowest cost per kWh of any system currently viable .

  • Durability – low maintenance and low operating costs.

  • The cost of the system is relatively inexpensive. ROI within 2.5 – 4 years.

  • Relatively short construction time.

  • The system is easy to use and operates automatically.

  • The system is enclosed in concrete, thereby neutralizing environmental influences (e.g. storms and damage form the sea).

  • The system can be tailored to any sea condition, providing there is wave potential.

  • All components are readily available from well-known international companies.

  • The system can aid prevent corrosion of wave breakers.

  • The system has several features which guard it during severe weather conditions, if needed.